February 28, 2011

NCL-TEC Announces Business Plan Workshop for Students!

NCL-TEC is happy to announce a Business Plan Workshop for Students. This workshop will be open to NCL and IISER students.

When and Where:

  • This is a 10 week workshop
  • Classes will meet every Thursday between 5.30 and 6.30 pm
  • First class be on 10th March, 2011
  • Venue will be PAML Lecture Theater, NCL

What will you get out of it?

  • Learn to assess technology ideas
  • Learn to write business plans
  • Work in team to turn ideas into business plans
  • Get trained to present it for a professional audience
  • And win Rs. 10,000 doing this and having fun!
  • All active participants will get a certificate from Venture Center

The best team from this workshop will win a prize money of Rs. 10,000!!

All active participants will get a certificate from Venture Center


  • Workshop fee is Rs. 100 (for NCL-TEC members)/Rs 150 (others)
  • Register at room A207 (Mrs. Chandanaa Roybardhan) or at Venture Center Reception
For further details please visit the workshop website: http://www.venturecenter.co.in/ncltec/Business-plan-workshop.pdf

Application form for the workshop can be accessed here:http://www.venturecenter.co.in/ncltec/Application-Form.doc

If you want to become a NCL-TEC member, please visit: http://www.venturecenter.co.in/ncltec/membership.php

February 11, 2011


A group of 18 students from NCL (all of them NCL-TEC members) attended the E-summit 2011 held at IIT-Bombay on Sunday 6th Feb2011. E-Summit, also called Entrepreneurship summit 2011 was based on the idea of connecting like minded people, who are interested in entrepreneurship and innovation. The group started from NCL at 7 am in morning, after refreshing journey through highway (Lonawala) arrived IIT-Bombay. It was an energetic & crowded spot as lots of young and budding entrepreneurs were there.

Students registered for the event, and were given a brochure and goody bags at the help desk. Students attended lectures by their favorite speakers; parallel sessions were going at 5-6 different venues. Personalities from different backgrounds with decades of experience in various industries spoke at the Summit. Topics from broad categories were discussed. Some of the speakers are listed below:
Mr. Tulsi Tanti (Chairman and Managing Director, Suzlon Energy),
Ms. Shaheen Mistri(Founder and CEO, Akansha Foundation),
Mr. R. Sriram(Crossword).
Mr. Jay Prakash Gupta(Founder and MD, The Loot India Pvt Ltd),

Speakers gave an Insight into the present scenario, the challenges, and opportunities of various sectors in India. We attended various workshops, seminars, stalls & had brief discussions with speakers. Some startups showcased their products like Easy Secured: develops software and market solutions for online authentication and identity management, Faith Designs: pioneer in exhibition stall designing, Attero Recycling: electronic waste recycling company, Mydala: a platform that provide great deals in your city by the “power of group buying”. Few Designs by Renowned automobile designer Dilip Chhabaria were also showcased outside the seminar hall. NCL-TEC students approached and interacted with many speakers – some of whom have promised to guide the students and visit NCL in the future. E-summit was an unforgettable experience and the attendees got glimpse of the successful entrepreneurs – the whole event was inspiring.

Posted by: Sanjay

January 12, 2011

NCL-TEC Students visit Praj Matrix

18 members from NCL-TEC visited Praj Matrix Innovation Center located in Pirangut, near Pune on 4th Jan 2011. They spent about three hours in Praj Matrix, which is a R&D center dealing in bio and environmentally sustainable solutions. This was part of the industry visits organized by NCL-TEC.

More information on Praj Matrix: http://www.praj.net/matrix_innovation.asp

The students met with senior scientists at Praj Matrix and were given a short presentation about Praj Matrix and its research activities. Then the students were divided into two groups, and both the groups visited the highly advanced labs at Praj Matrix and met with scientists and researchers there, who were very generous in answering all the questions posed by the students. The students visited other pilot scale facilities and labs as well. Students got introduced to Praj’s efforts in ethanol production from biowaste, biofertilizers and other products. At the end of the visit, students felt that this visit was really useful and it was a great opportunity to learn by touring live-plants and an industrial R&D center. Students felt that such visits really help them understand industrial research and gave them a first-hand exposure to industrial processes and research initiatives.

- Posted by Omkar

Science communication workshop for researchers and students by NCL-TEC

A science communication workshop was successfully organized by NCL-TEC on January 5th , 2011 at PAM building auditorium in NCL, Pune. The theme of this event was to make aware young researchers and students about science communication. Over 50 Students from NCL and IISER actively participated in the event. He was introduced by Gouri and was presented a bouquet by Shraddha, both NCL-TEC Executive Committee members.

The speaker argued that there is a need to communicate science beyond our academic community because it is important to:

o Make it accessible to the common people

o Helps to communicate well even with your scientific collaborators

o Becomes easier to get funding for your research

o Reach wider audience

Science communication can be done by various means – journals, news media, blogs (increasingly popular), blogging is the most easiest way to communicate these days

He gave a 30 min talk, in which introduced his PhD work, and spoke about how initially he had difficulty effectively communicating his work to people with non-science background- he was not able to communicate the essence of this research in a straightforward way

His talk was followed by a Q&A session, during which students actively interacted with the speaker. Then there was a short break, during which tea and samosa was served. This was followed by a participatory workshop for about an hour. During the workshop, the speaker discussed about the various elements in a scientific article. The speaker distributed a scientific paper among the participants, and asked them to summarize it in their own words, and give it an attractive title. At the end of the workshop, the participants read out their write-ups. There was enthusiastic response from the students for this.

Some of the tips that he gave was:

§ Have an attractive headline

§ Keep the article short and crisp

§ Avoid grammatical errors

§ Use active voice

§ Use graphics as much as possible

§ Avoid jargon

The speaker also provided other resources (like blogs, websites etc.) which students can use in the future. NCL-TEC members presented the speaker a memento as a token of their appreciation. Even after the workshop was over, students encircled the speaker and questioned, interacted with him about science communication and other issues. The event was a grand success!!!

Posted by:Sanjay & Nidhi

December 24, 2010

Science Communication Workshop by NCLTEC

We are happy to announce a “Science Communication Workshop” for students and researchers. This workshop will be conducted by Akshat Rathi - a final year PhD student in organic chemistry at the University of Oxford, UK. He writes, blogs and is involved with the University's public engagement activities. His writings have been published in Nature and Chemistry World.

Links to selected articles written by Akshat Rathi:

Nature: When the Nobel laureates listen to the students: Turning the Tables

Chemistry World: Podcast on THC, the active ingredient in Cannabis.

Chemistry World: India calls for ambitious increase in science funding


Title: Communicate your science beyond the academic community

Speaker: Akshat Rathi

Date: 5th Jan 2011 (Wednesday)

Time: 3.00 – 5.00 pm

Venue: PAM Building, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune

All are welcome! Limited Seats Available! Please sign up by emailing MN

December 10, 2008

First E^2 (Evening with an Entrepreneur) Event

The First E^2 (Evening with Entrepreneur) was successfull organised by NCLTEC on December 3rd, 2008 at Chemical Engineering Lecture Hall in NCL Pune. The theme of this event is talk and discussion with a young technology entrepreneur. In this first Event NCLTEC invited Mr. Kranthi Kiran Vistakula, a young Indian technology entrepreneur and CEO, Dhama Apparel Innovation Pvt. Ltd. It was a very interactive session, during his talk; Mr. Kranthi discussed his entrepreneurial journey and interacted with students and scientist.

About the speaker:

Kranthi Kiran Vistakula is currently the CEO of his startup Dhama Apparel Innovations (http://dhamainnovations.com/) that is incubated at National Design Business Incubator, NID. Before this startup, he pursued his masters in Mechanical Engineering at MIT, Boston. While at MIT, he was a Co-Principle Investigator for a NASA funded project titled “Bio Electricity for Space Exploration”.It’s an honor for a master’s student to be funded by NASA to lead a project. He pursued his Undergrad in Biomedical Engineering from JNTU, Hyderabad. His current startup makes functional apparel-apparel that has capabilities. The companies first products are ClimaGear: jacket/vest with heating and cooling capabilities, ClimaNeck: neck accessory with heating and cooling capabilities and ClimaMet: helmets with heating and cooling ability. All these products are light weight, easy to use and look like regular apparel from outside. The idea of apparel with functionalities arose out of personal discomfort to him while studying in Boston. At that point of time, he had no idea about apparel or their manufacturing process. With out any idea he went out purchased a ready made jacket and started to convert into a heating cooling jacket. After spending a year on the design he was able to perfect the technology.
First prize winner at "India Innovation Pioneers Challange 2008.
Gold Medalist at "Lockheed Martin Innovators Competition 2008.Winner of "MIT 1K Business Plan Competition 2005

Mr. Sarvesh presenting overview of NCLTEC.

Mr. Kranthi sharing this experience.

September 05, 2008

CONCEPTO 2008 :Technology Idea Competition

About the competition:

NCL-TEC’s Technology Idea Competition is a competition aimed at research fellows, research associates and project staff that will offer an opportunity to brainstorm and think up technology ideas, assess them thoroughly and present a strong case on why that technology idea should be pursued. The Competition will provide a platform for students to interact with each other, brainstorm ideas, build-up competencies for technology development planning, get their ideas vetted by experts, refine their own ideas and in some cases, even take their technology idea further with funding/ incubation support from NCL and Venture Center. Participants in the Competition will also get a chance to attend a mentoring session on how to go about originating, assessing and planning a technology idea.


• NCL Technology and Entrepreneurship Club


• NCL Innovations/ IP Group

Sponsors and support:
• NCL Research Foundation
• Director, NCL
• Venture Center

Essential parts of a technology idea proposal:
1.The problem or need being addressed. The importance of the problem/need and potential impact of a solution to this problem/need. The size of the opportunity.
2.A study of various solutions already available (if any) to address some parts of or the whole problem. The deficiencies and shortcomings of such solutions.
3.Your proposed conceptual solution and its value proposition. What will be the benefit vis-à-vis the alternatives? What will be the size of the benefit?
4.An assessment of novelty based on a study of the literature – scholarly literature, patent literature and existing products in the market.
5.Your plan and road map for developing the idea further. Identification of key unknowns/ uncertainties/ potential barriers. Key proof of concept (POC) experiments to be done. Mapping of technology development risks/ uncertainties and approach to test or overcome them.

Subject/ Topics:
•There is no restriction on the topic or problem/need chosen. However, applicants may want to ensure that they have sufficient awareness of the area to gather/provide necessary details. The proposed solutions could be in the form of a product or a process or even a service.
•The topic can be related to the PhD topic of one or more of the members of the team. In case the proposed idea is directly related to a student’s PhD thesis, then the student should seek the approval of his/her supervisor first.

Individuals or teams consisting of current (as of 1 Oct 2008)
•PhD students (with fellowships or beyond fellowships)
•Research associates
•Project staff, trainees and guest workers

There is no restriction on the number of team members.

Though not a requirement, each team can choose to have one or two technology mentors of their liking. The mentor(s) can be scientist or faculty member from NCL or any other institution. NCL Innovations and NCL-TEC will help teams identify & contact potential mentors, if the help is sought.

Method of selection

Selection of finalists

The selection of finalists shall be done by a panel of judges consisting of technology experts in different fields. The judgment will be based on the technology idea proposal document submitted by the various teams. Key parameters of evaluation shall be:
•Quality of the idea (merit of the technology idea, creativity in technology solution proposed, feasibility of the solution)
•Quality of the proposal (clarity of thought, sufficient homework in backing up claims, covering all essential parts of the proposal listed above)

Selection of winners

The finalist shall be invited for a 15 minute presentation followed by a 10-minute Q&A session to the panel of judges. The judges shall decide the winners based on the strength of the case presented for the technology idea and the thoroughness of the background work done by the team.

Other notes

The judges shall reserve the right to cancel specific awards if the entries are not sufficient or not adequately thought out.

Confidentiality and ownership

•All technology idea submissions shall be kept confidential. The judges will be signing a confidentiality agreement.
•All technology ideas proposed shall remain the property of the team proposing the technology idea (until and unless they utilize NCL facilities and resources to develop their ideas further or the idea was originated by an NCL employee).

Panel of judges

The panel of judges shall consist of a selected group of NCL scientists/ technologists with expertise in areas reflecting the various subject areas of the entries received.

Arbitrations and grievances
Head, NCL Innovations shall serve as arbitrator in case of any disputes or disagreements or conflicts.


1 September 2008 (Monday): Announcement of competition
•8 September 2008 (Monday): Kick-off meeting and introduction/ instructions for interested/ potential participants. (Meeting to inform the curious; Join-in to be informed, if not for the tea & snacks)
19 September 2008 (Friday): Last date for submission of letter of intent to participate.
•27 September 2008 (Saturday): Mentoring session for those who have submitted letter of intent. This session will outline what is expected in the proposal while providing illustrations. The mentoring session will also outline how the judges shall be evaluating the entries.
20 October 2008 (Monday): Submission of technology idea proposals. Proposals can be submitted by anybody irrespective of having attended the mentoring session or not.
7 November 2008 (Friday): Announcement of finalists
24 November 2008 (Monday): Presentations in front of panel of judges
28 November 2008 (Friday): Announcement of results

Awards and honors:
• A maximum of 1 winning team and two runner-up teams shall be announced.
• Winner: Rs 30,000 to the team.
Mentor: Rs 10,000
• Two Runner-up: Rs. 10,000 each
Mentor: Rs 5000
A certificate signed by Director, NCL in his capacity as Chairman, NCL Research Foundation to all the members of the winning team.
o The mentor shall be recognized separately with a cash prize of Rs 10,000.

Irrespective of prizes awarded, if judged suitable for further development by the panel of judges and the Director, NCL, selected technology ideas shall get the opportunity to:
  1. Receive a research grant (covering consumables, travel, external services, and contingency) from the Director to develop the idea further. The research grant will be focused on testing/ verifying ideas and de-risking the idea.
  2. Receive a grant from Venture Center to hire one dedicated project staff for 1 year for the developing the idea further. (depending on availability of funds)
  3. NCL’s support in filing any intellectual property that may arise from the work. A technology option (without fee) and first preference in licensing of the technology to a start-up enterprise founded by one or more members of the team.
  4. Incubation support through the Venture Center on a priority basis.

How to participate?
• Fill up the attached form “Letter of Intent” and submit to Mrs Chandanaa Roybardhan at IP group Office, Room 275, Director’s Wing, NCL. (Deadline: 19 Sep 2008)
• Complete technology idea proposals should be submitted in sealed envelopes to Mrs Chandanaa Roybardhan at IP group Office, Room 275, Director’s Wing, NCL. (Deadline: 20 Oct 2008)

Contact information for clarifications:

Sarvesh Kumar Soni (Research Scholar, NCL)
President, NCL Technology and Entrepreneurship Club
100, NCL Innovation Park
Dr Homi Bhabha Road
Pune-411008 India
Phone : +91-9423219107
Email: sk.soni@ncl.res.in

Dr V Premnath
Head, NCL Innovations/ IP Group
Dr Homi Bhabha Road
Pune-411008 India
Phone : +91-20-2590-2757
Email: head.ip@ncl.res.in