February 11, 2011


A group of 18 students from NCL (all of them NCL-TEC members) attended the E-summit 2011 held at IIT-Bombay on Sunday 6th Feb2011. E-Summit, also called Entrepreneurship summit 2011 was based on the idea of connecting like minded people, who are interested in entrepreneurship and innovation. The group started from NCL at 7 am in morning, after refreshing journey through highway (Lonawala) arrived IIT-Bombay. It was an energetic & crowded spot as lots of young and budding entrepreneurs were there.

Students registered for the event, and were given a brochure and goody bags at the help desk. Students attended lectures by their favorite speakers; parallel sessions were going at 5-6 different venues. Personalities from different backgrounds with decades of experience in various industries spoke at the Summit. Topics from broad categories were discussed. Some of the speakers are listed below:
Mr. Tulsi Tanti (Chairman and Managing Director, Suzlon Energy),
Ms. Shaheen Mistri(Founder and CEO, Akansha Foundation),
Mr. R. Sriram(Crossword).
Mr. Jay Prakash Gupta(Founder and MD, The Loot India Pvt Ltd),

Speakers gave an Insight into the present scenario, the challenges, and opportunities of various sectors in India. We attended various workshops, seminars, stalls & had brief discussions with speakers. Some startups showcased their products like Easy Secured: develops software and market solutions for online authentication and identity management, Faith Designs: pioneer in exhibition stall designing, Attero Recycling: electronic waste recycling company, Mydala: a platform that provide great deals in your city by the “power of group buying”. Few Designs by Renowned automobile designer Dilip Chhabaria were also showcased outside the seminar hall. NCL-TEC students approached and interacted with many speakers – some of whom have promised to guide the students and visit NCL in the future. E-summit was an unforgettable experience and the attendees got glimpse of the successful entrepreneurs – the whole event was inspiring.

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